Karmantics is defined as the free-will Practice of being ever
cognizant of subtle connections between the countless karmic
“causes and consequences” that occur in our lives, especially
those with outcomes that cause us to question why they happened.
When done honestly and without bias, through reflection, Routine
Objectivity will teach us how to use the Law of Karma to
enlighten and evolve ourselves.  By doing so, as human, ego-
driven, consciousness programmed from birth for making ever
more complicated decisions and choices every moment of every
day (at times sometimes unconsciously) we can learn to better
guide our choices by first anticipating the fullest range of possible
consequences -- either  good or bad.  As we navigate the twists
and turns, the ups and downs, on our roads of Life, seeking to
maintain balance in pursuit of our goals and seeking to fulfill our
desires, this reflection, this meditation, will not only stimulate the
fullest use of our reason and logic, but will also allow us to be
more receptive to the participation of our Inner Voice (God, our
Soul or intuition), and to our Conscience.

Our human, ego-driven, consciousness has three primary self-
motivating functions: (1) self-preservation (2) self-ratification,
and (3) self-glorification.  Therefore, all of our choices, no matter
how mundane or how profound, will always be influenced by
either of those functions or by all three.  Our every movement on
the road of Life, both in direction and momentum, will be
impacted by our choice.  It doesn't matter we sometimes
experience false starts and make mistakes; they serve as
opportunities for re-evaluating and learning from our missteps, if
we so choose.  This is the Divine purpose of karma and is the
power of free will; they are gifts bestowed upon us with which to
evolve ourselves.  And when we choose to use those gifts and
begin to evolve ourselves, we are, in effect, practicing
Just remember, free will is not actually free, the costs
are consequences.

Inevitably, when we make that choice, we will become ever more
concerned with the consequences of our thoughts, our words and
our actions.  We may even seek to expand our knowledge for
alternative ways of thinking to enlighten our words and our deeds;
alternative ideas, methods and materials for making better choices
in our lives.  Such ideas, methods and materials (expressed in
written, aural and visual forms) can be called “karma-mental,”
meaning they will enable us to reach deeper contemplative,
meditative and mind-expanding states to aid us in intelligent
future choices.  Such "karma-mental" materials, in the form of
books, mind-expanding  documentaries, spirit-lifting
and stimulating games, are offered on this site, in
association with Amazon.com.  
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