Karmantricks Instructions

Destiny Dramas, Enlightenment, Personal Evolution, Player Competition

The W, A, S, and D keys, as well as the Arrow Keys, can be used to rotate or pivot
the board in 3D space.  The ‘Esc’ key can  be used to bring up the options menu.  All
other actions in the game, including selecting a pawn and rolling the dice, is handled
with the mouse.  

Short Description:
Players race to become first Lord or Lady of Consciousness.

Game goal:
The goal of the game is:  players compete to enter the inner circle, where they then
compete to be declared the first Lord or Lady of Consciousness.  Players first roll the
dice.  The players’ pawns will be moved the designated number of spaces.

Karma Point system:
As players traverse the board, the spaces they land on will either give them Karma
Points, or take them away.  Some spaces, like Wisdom, Destiny and Enlightenment,
will flash an insightful message on the screen with words of enlightenment, or
despair, and will indicate whether a player gains or losses Karma Points.  Landing on
the Reaper space may or may not require a player to lose (50) Karma Points and
return to Cradle and lose a turn.  When a player gains (300) Karma Points, that player’
s pawn will automatically be moved into the Inner Circle.  After entering the Inner
Circle, the first player to gain another (300) Karma Points  will be declared the winner.

Gamble feature:                
Certain spaces landed on, when already occupied by another player’s pawn, will
automatically cue the Gamble Feature, giving the intruding player the option to forfeit
(30) karma points, or risk losing (10) Karma Points times the number in the throw of
the dice.   Instead of losing (30) KPs, a player might lose only (20) KPs or (10) X 2
thrown on the dice.   But a player can also lose (120) KPs, if 12 is thrown on the
dice.  (10) X 12 = 120 KPs lost.