Karmantricks: The Game of Enlightenment for the 21st Century and Beyond...
is a unique, fun-to-play computer game,
develop[ed from a family board game of the
same name that was designed to encourage
social interaction, moral learning and
consciousness expansion for both teens and
adults.  Players compete to get through life on
the Physical Plane (represented by the board's
outer parameter as states of mind) while
gaining or losing Karma Points along the way
from the spaces they land on, or from the
insightful messages that will flash on the screen
when they land on either the Destiny, Wisdom
or Enlightenment spaces.  When players gain
300 Karma Points, their pawns are moved into
the Inner Circle (Inner Self), representing higher
states of mind.  The first player to gain 300
Karma Points in the Inner Circle will be deemed
to have achieved self-mastery and is declared
The First Lord or Lady of Consciousness.   


the very Dawn of


our every

thought and

action has


our ever-unfolding

Play Free-Limited Time
The Karmantricks floating
board can be made to turn,
spin or tilt on its axis among
the stars by using the
directional keys on your
using the directional keys  on
your keyboard.