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What Goes Around Comes Around
Our mission,
humbly, is to offer metaphysical board games
and computer games, as well as books, art and
artifacts, that encourage a broadening of one's
perspectives and one's consciousness in

was formed by myself, Ron Williams, and M.
Malcolm King, after co-designing the board
game originally called Karma: The Game of
Enlightenment.  We formed our company for
the purpose of promoting and selling our game,
and also to offer books and other
consciousness-affirming items.  The game was
designed to encourage exuberant social
interaction, moral learning and consciousness
expansion -- note all the spaces on the board
represent “states of mind,” meant to challenge
and stimulate the head and the heart.
When we decided to have the game developed into a computer
game, we gained the interest of two talented game software
designers, Keith Conte-Saunders and Christian Bradley, who took
on the project, and Anthony Zharoff, who did final work on the
software.  The game has since evolved and has been renamed
Karmantricks: The Game of Enlightenment for the 21st Century and
Games and Electronics
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