The central metaphysical theme of Ron’s new book,
Possessed by a Shadow, is that: Thoughts are things
and can take on a life of their own, so be damn careful
what you wish for, and why.

Danielle marries Howard and gives
birth to a daughter named Karma
and, in their luxurious home, later
discovers that her precocious
teenage daughter has a special
connection with the vengeful
predator that has returned to
terrorize her family with deadly
Ron Williams
(Author and Screenwriter)
In 1966, at age seven, pretty Danielle
Fawkes is introduced to a
supernatural entity while in an
entranced vision evoked by her  
mysterious uncle Adam.  When her
creole mother dies of a heart attack,
her uncle and his wife, Caroline,
become her guardians.  She is twenty-
two when her aunt and uncle are
killed in an automobile accident, and
left with a legacy of debt she has to
liquidate the Victorian house she has
inherited. In the attic, that had been
her uncle’s private domain, she
discovers a wooden chest containing
an odd-looking wax doll and a black
book that reveals how the doll can be
used to fulfill one's wishes.  Unable to
resist temptation, she evokes the
powerful entity inhabiting the doll,
named Zatael, and wishes for money,
then, as as an afterthought, love.

Danielle soon meets Howard
Beaumont, a wealthy, older man—a
descendant of New Orleans'
nineteenth century French ruling
class—and they fall helplessly in-love.  
Unfortunately, the man is already
engaged, and his enraged, jilted
fiancé, Lydia Fontaine, threatens to
ruin the two.  Danielle, fearful and
frustrated, uses her misunderstood
magic to combat those threats.  
Unbeknownst to her, Zatael kills
Lydia, and that murderous act
corrupts the entity that then becomes
a shadowy phantom, a nocturnal
predator, that steps from shadows on
the walls to lay upon sleeping humans
to feed on their very life-force.