Ron Williams
(Author and Screenwriter)
Ron is a horror writer with a longtime interest in
parapsychology and the supernatural, specifically the
metaphysics of human consciousness and the monsters it
sometimes creates.  He has written this 83,000 word novel,
titled Possessed by a Shadow, that he has also adapted to a
screenplay of the same name.  Possessed by a Shadow is a
mix of romance, sexual tension, the supernatural and horror.
Ron has also written a novel and screenplay, both titled
Deliver Us from Evil (The Refrain), that is a psychological
thriller about a brooding U.S. Postal Worker struggling to
resist the relentless persuasion by his evil alter-ego to
murder his wife and their malicious, lecherous manager,
whom he fears are having an affair and together are
conspiring to take his beloved six-year-old daughter from
Ron wrote this book for those fearless
horror story lovers who are typically
unafraid of the unknown, even drawn to
it,  not merely for the rollercoaster or
voyeuristic thrill, but to challenge their
courage, and who are also keen to explore
new concepts, eager to plunge new
depths in understanding and awareness.  
Possessed by a Shadow is a story illustrating the magic, the
power, and the sovereignty of human thought, both
conscious and unconscious, that dictates our every
perception, emotion, obsession and memory.   Motivated by
our need for love and affection, and for material security,
our desires take form then take flight to seek, perhaps to
find, some degree of satisfaction and happiness.  But for our
liabilities, life must hold us to account, and the debts must
be paid, sometimes in death and devastation.